Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 395

Yazan: Steve Raker | 22 February 2017 | No Comments
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Andrew, Kevin, Phil & Steve shoot off their mouths regarding Archie and Riverdale, Barrier & Universe (, Curse Words (image), Vampirella 0 (dynamite), The Rift (red 5), Star Bastard (bincat press…find it on!), Chew (image), Galaxy for Hire (devil’s due), Dollface (action lab), Dante (top cow), and Cinderella – Serial Killer Princess (zenoscope…who else!?) […]

Indie Comic Book Noise episode 329

Yazan: Steve Raker | 24 October 2013 | Comments Off on Indie Comic Book Noise episode 329
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A Bunch of the Marvel Noise guys take over the show & a new era of Indie Comic Book Noise begins! Steve Raker, whirlwindxKevin, Phil, and Andrew the LArabbit couldn’t help but start things off by talking about some of our favorite horror/Halloween-ish indie books of past & present, including some random old supernatural comics from Charlton, The […]