Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 386


It’s the second of two ‘lost’ episodes, this from mid-May as the ICBN guys tackle Skies of Fire, Grimm Tales of Terror, Midnight Son, Atomic Robo, Astrix & the Picts, Doggybags vol.6, Cinema Purgatorio, Archie, Hero Ted, Micronauts, FCBD, Monstress, Letter 45, …and wouldja believe, Barney Miller?

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 385


This is the 1st of 2 episodes that have sat on the cutting room floor for 2 months since April…Kevin, Phil, Andrew & Steve talk up indie reads The Crime Fighter Inquiry, The Valiant, Topps Comics Kirby-verse of the mid-90’s, Jim Salicrup’s Shared Universe Theory, Skullman, Super-Indian, Zombie Tramp, SitComics, Samurai Jack, Cluster, Godzilla: Oblivion, and The Power Principle!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 384


The indie books are flying around furiously as the guys cover Hunter’s Lore (stache), The Mighty Zodiac (oni), Imperium (valiant), We Stand On Guard (image), GrizzlyShark (image), Godzilla: Oblivion 1 (idw), Witchblade 184-185 (image), Miss Fury 1 (dynamite), The Shadow 1-5 (dynamite), Ghosted, Okie Dokie Donuts (top shelf), 3-2-1 Fast Comics (timberwolf), Mars Attacks: Occupation (idw). Plus: Kevin tries to wrap his head around the books announced at Image Expo……Enjoy!


Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 383

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Andrew’s WonderCon tales! Wally Wood’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Artist’s Edition Portfolio! Astral and Zayra & The Armor of Chronos by Alex Chung & Co.! Another Snyder/Ditko Kickstarter! Bloodshot Reborn Annual 1! Evil Dead/Army of Darkness books! Fugitoid! Marshall Law!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 382


The guys regroup despite Steve’s computer issues and manage to wax eloquently about The Regulators (image), Doctor Laudatur (udi), Severed (image), Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown 1-5, The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong 1 (valiant), Tomb Raider II 1 (dark horse), Ghostbusters one-shot (idw), and Scapula ( There is no ‘Safe Mode’ in podcasting!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 381


Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 381 is ready for the masses! Andrew, Kevin & Phil fire off a salvo of Gingerdead Man (action lab), Black Science vol.3 (image), Manifest Destiny (image), Copra: Round Two (bergen street press), Atomic Robo (idw,, East of West 19-24 (image), Vampirella 1 (dynamite), Spawn 261 (image), Z-Girl & the 4 Tigers (studio z), Theory of Magic 1 (jp roth), and even indie cartoons…while Phil’s dog chews on…


Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 380


We’re back again before you even noticed we were gone…and Phil is back but Andrew is AWOL? Listen in to hear about Crossed: Badlands 80-81, Southern Cross (image), Judge Dredd 1-3 (idw), Four Eyes, Manhattan Projects (image), The Violent (image), Spawn 260-261 (image), The Paybacks (dark horse), I Hate Fairyland (image), Hellboy: 1953 (dark horse), Wynonna Earp (idw), Invincible (image), Imperium (valiant), and the Twilight Zone: 1959 one-shot (dynamite)! Enjoy!

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Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 379


Andrew, Steve & Kevin discuss their recent indie reads, including Winterworld vol.1 (idw), SuperPro K.O. (oni), Armature (olyoptics), Night of the Fire Beast (insane), Star Wars Artifact Edition (idw), Chi’s Sweet Home (vertical), Strange Eons Magazine, RudeDude’s Nexus: Space Opera, and hear about Andrew’s trip to the Long Beach Expo….enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 378


The gang has a lot to get off their chests this episode, firing out the likes of So Super Duper, Jason Yungbluth’s Peek! – the first, Gutter Magic, the first issues of Aftershock Comics’ Replica, Dreaming Eagles, Insexts, and Super-Zero, Goth Queen Needs a Mate, Ben Templesmith’s adaptation of Lovecraft’s Dagon, Amazing Forest, Past the Last Mountain, Friend of Dorothy, Hansel & Gretel, Arctic Hell, Escape From Monster Island, and Robinson & Hinkle’s recent Airboy series….collect ’em all!


Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 377


Kevin, Andrew, and Phil explore the indie goodness that is Spread (image), Mourning Star (bodega), Holli Hoxx (bogus), Black Science (image), Zombillenium vol.1 – Gretchen (nbm), Paper Girls (image), Captain N & the Game Master (valiant), Jem & the Holograms/TMNT (idw), and more…..enjoy!