Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 363


It’s a throwback episode as Steve, Kevin, Andrew, and Phil serve up some of their favorite classic (prior to the turn of the century) indie comics from Comico!, Rip Off Comics/Kitchen Sink Press, American Comics Group, Eclipse, NOW!, and Dark Horse Comics…enjoy a dose of nostalgia!


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  1. Wata
    01 October 2015, 11:11 pm

    Mar29Mizguided1 actually when i read this comnemt a 3 panel comic popped into my head, lols. 1st panel shows you at your drawing desk(or where ever you draw)with her next to you suggesting a leaf monster but instead of words her idea/leaf monster is in a thought bubble. 2nd panel shows you looking at the thought bubble with the leaf monster jumping out of it and growing all huge (gf is still talking to you not knowing that her leaf monster just came to life) 3rd panel shows leaf monster as big as Godzilla rampaging through the town. comic strip titled Be Careful What You Wish For or sumthin like that! =) taadaa!!!

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