Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 359


The gang (Andrew, Kevin, Phil and Steve) are back to talk about their recent indie comics reads: Zombie Outlaw, Skies of Fire, Rum Row, C.O.W.L. Principles of Power, The Feast, Sleep Spell, The Legacy of Luther Strode 1, Hex11, Bobby Draw! РA Collection of Comics and Art by Bobby Timony, Lady Mechanika, Rachel Rising, The Empty, and Goners, as well as WonderCon, TCAF, and painting LEGO minifigures! Enjoy!

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  1. Gibson Quarter
    04 May 2015, 3:54 pm

    Hi guys, I dont know if you ever interview artists, but if you’d like to, please consider my hat thrown into the ring! Would love to chat about the indy book I’m drawing and anything else you’d like to speak about.

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