Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 351


It’s our 1 year anniversary at the helm of Indie Comic Book Noise, as well as our annual Halloween episode! Steve Raker, Andrew the LArabbit, Kevin whirlwindx and Phil bring some holiday-themed books to the table and discuss Hellboy (dark horse), Nightbreed (boom), Ghosted: The Haunted Heist (image), Hellraiser (boom), The Halloween Legion (dark horse), Snowpiercer vol.1 (titan), Red Rover Charlie (avatar), Ragemoor (dark horse), Revival (image), Black Science #8 (image), and Gary Gianni’s Monstermen & Other Scary Stories (dark horse)!


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  1. Nayara
    01 October 2015, 11:10 pm

    Refresh my memory: is Online Comics Day alyaws May 5th, or the first Saturday in May? Because if it’s alyaws Saturday, shouldn’t we lobby to move it to a day when people with office jobs might actually ya know, see other people and tell them about it?On a related topic, am I right in my belief that there is no Wikipedia entry for Online Comics Day?

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