Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 350


Steve, Kevin, Andrew and Phil are back with more Indie Comics! Andrew relays his Long Beach Comic Book Show adventure, then the gang share Caliban (avatar), HectorPlasm (image), Climate Changed (abrams), Little Nemo – Return to Slumberland 1 (idw), Sheltered vol.2 (image), X-O Manowar & Shadowman (valiant), Man vs Rock vol.2 (, Roche Limit (image), and Richard Sala’s Delphine (fantagraphics)! Enjoy!

outro: Neil Young w Pearl Jam ‘Song X’


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  1. Pedro
    01 October 2015, 11:18 pm

    haha. this comic made me literally laugh out loud. part of this could be beucase its almost 2 am. but still its funny. i like it. :)happy belated online comics day

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