Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 345


In this episode, Andrew, Steve, Kevin and Phil discuss indie comics Fell Beasts (, Egos (image), Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever (idw), Bandette (monkeybrain), Umbral (image), Hack/Ash (the Hack/Slash & Army of Darkness crossover from dynamite), MPH (image), Starlight (image), Mind MGMT (dark horse), Anti-Hero (monkeybrain), Outcast (image), and Andrew gets frantic over a Boot to the Head! Enjoy!


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  1. Anastasija
    01 October 2015, 11:08 pm

    And who DIDN’T get a nod? What commenter is the pcilraomed life of the comments and didn’t get a single second of screen time?You know who.How could they forget me like this?! Clearly they’ve never been on the site for more than a second to grab their footage. Clearly they’ve never hung around.That’s okay. I’m not upset. Or bitter. Because I know anyone who comes to this site after this is going to get a belly full of

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