Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 344


Steve, Andrew, and our Canadian contingent of Kevin & Phil are back to talk more indie comics! Discussed in this episode: Trees #1 (image), Deathmatch #1-12 (boom!), Spaceman (vertigo), True Patriot (true patriot comics), Packs of the Low Country #1(, The Empty Man #1 (boom!), Transformers vs G.I.Joe FCBD (idw), The Wicked + The Devine (image), Conan – Phantoms of the Black Coast (dark horse), and vintage good girl strip collections of Miss Fury (idw), Brenda Starr (hermes press), Milt Caniff’s Male Call (hermes press), and Bill Ward and Gill Fox’s Torchy (quality comics)!

outro: Bob Dylan – Alberta #1


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