Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 333


It’s Episode 333 of Indie Comic Book Noise, where Steve Raker, whirlwindxKevin, Phil, and Andrew the LArabbit lightheartedly discuss the indie books we’ve been reading, including Black Blizzard from Drawn and Quarterly, the IDW Star Trek 2013 Annual (done fotonovel style!), Monkey Brain’s Amelia Cole, World’s Strongest Mailman from Kingbone Press, Big Dog Ink’s Rex the Zombie Killer and Shahrazad, Red Rover Charlie from Avatar, Bloodshot from Valiant, Bill Willingham’s Legenderry from Antarctic Press, and Tim Truman and Tomas Giorello’s 3 King Conan series (The Scarlet Citadel, The Phoenix on the Sword, The Hour of the Dragon) from Dark Horse Comics, plus talk about symbolic anthropomorphism in comics as well as Stray Bullets collections!


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  1. Alexsandro
    01 October 2015, 11:01 pm

    Actually, I suspect they’re both comic nerds. In the daerkr of the two speech bubbles is actually Lila. (Hrm, forgot those were the original colors I used. Oh well, someday when I do a book I’ll make them all consistent ) But Lila’s capable of seeing them as stories and Marin sees them as people. Lila would have to be suffering from some serious stress/pms/alcohol/etc. to cry at the events in a comic. Marin would just have to be awake.

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