Indie Comic Book Noise episode 329


A Bunch of the Marvel Noise guys take over the show & a new era of Indie Comic Book Noise begins! Steve Raker, whirlwindxKevin, Phil, and Andrew the LArabbit couldn’t help but start things off by talking about some of our favorite horror/Halloween-ish indie books of past & present, including some random old supernatural comics from Charlton, The Eighth Seal, the ‘Walking Dead’, Fireside Tales, Twisted Tales, Afterlife with Archie, Art Adams’ Creature Features, Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Terror, Dark Shadows, Attack on Titan, Dinosaurs Attack, Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman, and anything by Bernie Wrightson!

Find us on the Indie Comic Book Noise episode thread in the Comic Book Noise section of the (the 11 o’clock comics forums!)


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