Review: Buck Rogers Annual 1

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Published by Dynamite Entertainment
Written by Matt Brady and Troy Brownfield
Illustrated by Carlos Rafael
Colored by Carlos Lopez
Lettered by Simon Bowland
I got the cover by Carlos Rafael


Synopsis: Buck Rogers gets a message from the past that will affect his present and future. (Takes place between issues 6 and 7)

The story was written by a new writer, but the artwork was by the same dude as the regular series, so it felt consistent. However, it made the same error that a lot of writers have made throughout the history of comic books, a vital story point revolved around music/sound. This is, of course, the one thing the comic book medium does horribly. Beyond that, it seems like the proofreader took the day off when they were reviewing this issue because there was a pretty bad error on the first page and then another during what should have been a pretty emotional scene. Those errors took me out of the story.

I enjoyed the book, but I admit it is not exactly necessary to enjoy the regular series. In fact, it felt a little tacked on. Still, if you were a fan of the original series, then I would suggest you pick it up.


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