Indie Comic Book Noise for March 12, 2008

Indie Comic Book Noise, 11 March 2008, Comments Off on Indie Comic Book Noise for March 12, 2008
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On this weeks show, besides the normal rundown of Independent Comics Scheduled to Ship to Comic Shops on March 12th, we have reviews by Eric Martin (although I’ll let the comic he reviews be a surprise!), and two reviews by me (of things that I bought at SPACE) Superworld #1 and The Experts #2 from Near Mint Press and Melvin and Frank #1 from Mad Hawkins.

Independent Comics Scheduled to Ship to Comic Shops on March 12th:

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics

Nightmares And Fairy Tales #22

Antarctic Press

Ninja High School #158

Ape Entertainment

Misadventures Of Clark & Jefferson #3

Sullengrey Vol 1 Cemetery Things TP/CD Set

Archie Comics

Archie & Friends #117

Archie Digest #242

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 2 #186

Blind Ferret Entertainment

Looking For Group #3

Bloodfire Studios

Diary Of Night #1

Diary Of Night #2

BOOM! Entertainment

Foundation #3

Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #4 Cvr A

Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #4 Cvr B

Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #4 Cvr C Incentive Variant Cover

Dark Horse

Abe Sapien The Drowning #2

BPRD 1946 #3

Evil Dead #3

Goon Vol 3 #22

Serenity Better Days #1

Star Wars Legacy #21

Star Wars Rebellion #12

Conan Vol 5 Rogues In The House And Other Stories TP

Harvey Comics Classics Vol 3 Hot Stuff TP

Terminator Omnibus Vol 2 TP

Devils Due Publishing

GI Joe Americas Elite #33

Pogrom #1 Regular Ben Templesmith Cover

Spooks #2 Cvr A Dellesandro

Spooks #2 Cvr B Archer

Drawn & Quarterly

Palooka Ville #19

Dynamite Entertainment

Lone Ranger And Tonto #1

Lone Ranger Previews Exclusive Signed HC

Evil Twin Comics

Comic Book Comics #1

Grosset & Dunlap

Adventures Of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy Vol 1 GN

IDW Publishing

Angel After The Fall #3 2nd Ptg

Badger Saves The World #3

Doctor Who Vol 2 #2

Gene Simmons House Of Horrors #3

Locke & Key #2

Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons #3 Incentive Ashley Wood Variant Cover

30 Days Of Night Vol 9 Beyond Barrow TP

CSI Crime Scene Investigation Vol 2 Bad Rap TP New Printing

Michael Recycle HC

Speed Racer Vol 3 TP

Wormwood Vol 2 TP


Astounding Wolf-Man #5

Cemetery Blues #2

Gutsville #3

Madman Atomic Comics #7

Screamland #1

Walking Dead #47

Image/Top Cow

Witchblade By Ron Marz Vol 3 TP

Last Gasp

Arab In America TP

Oni Press

Maintenance #9

Paper Theatre

Me Good Me Bad #1 Mini-Comic

Radio Comix

Furrlough #180

Red 5 Comics

Atomic Robo #6

Septagon Studios

Scorn Obsessed #1

Shanda Fantasy Arts

Shanda The Panda #47

Teshkeel Media Group

99 #6

Top Shelf Productions

Discovered Scad Sequential Art Anthology TP

Virgin Comics

Gamekeeper Vol 2 #1 Dean Ormston Variant Cover

Gamekeeper Vol 2 #1 Mukesh Singh Cover

India Authentic Vol 2 TP

Shekar Kapurs Snake Woman Vol 3 Tale Of The Snake Charmer TP

Wildcard Ink

Gumby Vol 1 TP

Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales #24

Grimm Fairy Tales Return To Wonderland Cover Gallery #1


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