Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 361


The good times keep rolling as Andrew, Phil, Kevin and Steve tell each other about the Indie Comics Expo Edition 1 (kingbone press), Puppet Master (action lab), Criminal Special Edition (image), Amazing Forest 1-9 (monkey brain), The Thrilling Comic Book Cover Art of Alex Schomberg (vanguard), LFG (dynamite), Seconds (ballantine books), Knights (underbellycomix), Where Do We Go From Here? (dave jordan), and Valiant Masters: Rai (valiant)…plus C2E2, Gilbert Shelton and more!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 360



Steve, Phil, Kevin, and Andrew discuss recent reads Spawn 251 (image); Scud, the Disposable Assassin (fireman press/image); Dark Horse Presents 5-9 (dark horse); Hoax Hunters (heavy metal/image); Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty (oni); Jem & The Holograms 1 (idw); Jack Zero: Crakerjack shot 1 (pander bros); Apes & Capes 4 (kickstarter/bounce); Bloodshot Reborn 1 (valiant); Conan the Avenger 1-6 (dark horse); Gwendolyn (kickstarter/alterna); Run Love Kill (image). Enjoy!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 359


The gang (Andrew, Kevin, Phil and Steve) are back to talk about their recent indie comics reads: Zombie Outlaw, Skies of Fire, Rum Row, C.O.W.L. Principles of Power, The Feast, Sleep Spell, The Legacy of Luther Strode 1, Hex11, Bobby Draw! – A Collection of Comics and Art by Bobby Timony, Lady Mechanika, Rachel Rising, The Empty, and Goners, as well as WonderCon, TCAF, and painting LEGO minifigures! Enjoy!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 358


It’s our 30th episode at the helm of ICBN! Steve, Andrew, Phil & Kevin talk up Packs of the Low Country (roar), The Mad Mummy 1 (asylum press), Invincible 118 (image), Bill & Ted’s Triumphant Return (idw), The Fly – Outbreak (idw), Secret Identities 1 (image), Edge of Doom (idw), Pope Hats (adhouse books), Red One 1 (image), Transformers/G.I.Joe (idw), Incredible Change-Bots (top shelf), Murder Book (dark horse), Spawn Resurrection (image), and Hex 11 (…Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 357


Steve, Andrew, Phil, and Kevin are back again covering recent indie reads, including High Moon (bottled lightning/, The Dead Don’t Die 1 (working class press), Sadman (, Creature Cops – Special Varmint Unit 1 (idw/comics experience), Dusu: Path of the Ancient 1 (stranger comics), Basileus 1 (, Master Keaton 1 (viz), The Living Dead 1 (image), Squarriors 1 (devil’s due), Crossed 2014 Special (avatar), Army of Darkness 1 (dynamite), Escape From New York 1 (boom!), The Valiant (valiant), Tales From Oz 1 (zenoscope), Red Sonja 1 (dynamite), The Nameless 1 (image), Pigeons From Hell (dark horse), The Strain (dark horse), Skies of Fire (mythopea), and Conan & the People of the Black Circle (dark horse)!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 356


Well, almost weekly! Kevin, Steve, Andrew, and Phil are back with another batch of indie comics to share: The last 2 series of Powers (icon), Casanova: Avaritia (icon), Old Wounds (, Spawn 250 (image), The Wicked & The Divine (image), Mr. Unpronounceable & The Sect of the Bleeding Eye (, Divinity 1 (valiant), Postal (top cow/image), Graveyard Shift (image), and The Power Principle (! All that, plus slightly more….check out, like and post on our FB page and look for another show next week!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 355


Woah…it’s been awhile…this one’s been sitting on the shelf so long even we’re going to have fun listening!  To balance the cosmic scales, our next 2 episodes will be weekly! This episode, Andrew, Kevin, Phil and Steve discuss their latest indie comic reads: The Only Living Boy (, Galaxy Quest (idw), The Shadow Hero & The Green Turtle Chronicles (first-second), The Massive (dark horse), The Private Eye (, 100 Bullets: Brother Lono (vertigo), Nutmeg (action lab), Assassination Classroom (viz), Trees (image), The Cape (image), Wild Blue Yonder (idw), Timewalker (valiant), John Carter: Warlord of Mars (dynamite), and somehow Andrew manages to drop some more Hello Kitty on us!

Steve and Bob Dylan love Alberta (Phil has room to grow!)

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 354


Phil puts Andrew, Kevin and Steve on the spot to cite their favorite new indie ongoing series from 2014 before the gang gets into Winsor McCay’s Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland (taschen), volume 2 of Eternal Warrior (valiant), The Creativity of Ditko (yoe/idw), Godzilla: Cataclysm (idw), Mind MGMT (dark horse), 8-bit Zombie (antarctic press), Action Philosophers (evil twin), Tiger Lung (dark horse), Garbage Pail Kids Puketacular (idw), Lazarus (image), Rumble #1 (image), and (not much) more!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 353


Another Indie Comic roundup with Phil, Andrew, Kevin and Steve! We finish out the year with Andrew’s trip to Comic Arts Los Angeles, then discuss Shaolin Cowboy vol.2 (dark horse), Savage Dragon 200 (image), King Kirby stage performance (kickstarter project), TMNT (idw), Edge of Doom 1 (idw), Alex & Ada (image), Crossed +100 1 (avatar), Valiant 1 (valiant), Universe! 1 (, and more! Happy New Year!

Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 352


Kevin, Phil, Andrew & Steve get all thankful discussing Tooth & Claw (image), The Secret Skull (idw), Copperhead (image), Zenith (2000AD), A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (radco), Packs of the Low Country (, Hit (boom!), Void (titan), and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (locust moon comics press)….then Phil runs the gauntlet with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (archie), Edward Scissorhands (idw), Drifter 1 (image), Bendis’s appearance in Nailbiter 7 (image), Dark Gods (avatar), TMNT/Ghostbusters (idw), The Evil Within (titan), the most recent collection of The Walking Dead (image), Black Acre (image), Garth Ennis’s return to Crossed: Badlands (avatar), Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath (avatar), and The Other Dead (idw)….Enjoy!