Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 351


It’s our 1 year anniversary at the helm of Indie Comic Book Noise, as well as our annual Halloween episode! Steve Raker, Andrew the LArabbit, Kevin whirlwindx and Phil bring some holiday-themed books to the table and discuss Hellboy (dark horse), Nightbreed (boom), Ghosted: The Haunted Heist (image), Hellraiser (boom), The Halloween Legion (dark horse), Snowpiercer vol.1 (titan), Red Rover Charlie (avatar), Ragemoor (dark horse), Revival (image), Black Science #8 (image), and Gary Gianni’s Monstermen & Other Scary Stories (dark horse)!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 350


Steve, Kevin, Andrew and Phil are back with more Indie Comics! Andrew relays his Long Beach Comic Book Show adventure, then the gang share Caliban (avatar), HectorPlasm (image), Climate Changed (abrams), Little Nemo – Return to Slumberland 1 (idw), Sheltered vol.2 (image), X-O Manowar & Shadowman (valiant), Man vs Rock vol.2 (, Roche Limit (image), and Richard Sala’s Delphine (fantagraphics)! Enjoy!

outro: Neil Young w Pearl Jam ‘Song X’

Indie Comic Book Noise 349

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It’s a fall classic episode! The gang reassemble and discuss Giant-Size Kung-Fu Bible Stories (image), Wild’s End 1 (boom!), Titan (, Mr A. 15 (Steve Ditko via kickstarter), Secret Voice (, The Strange Talent of… & The Legend of Luther Strode (image), Spread 1-3 (image), Head-Lopper 1-2 (, and George Perez’s Sirens (boom!).

closing tune: Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy

Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 348


The guys make good on making some indie comic noise while Steve decompresses from his convention trips…who knows what lies within?!! Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 347 (summer con special)


In a conversation slightly altered from its broadcast last month on Marvel Noise (Ep 226), Steve and Andrew the LArabbit discuss their trips to the 2014 BostonComicCon and SDCC! First of two episodes this week! The summer lull is over!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 346


With Steve Raker on vacation the inmates are running the asylum. Andrew, Kevin, and Phil discuss some indie comics and probably go on a tangent or two with Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #1 (IDW), Hexed (2014 – Boom!), Captain Victory & Galactic Rangers #1 (Dynamite), The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (Big Dog Ink), Netflix original Anime: Knights of Sidonia & the manga (Vertical), The Delinquents #1 (Valiant), and The Boom! Studios Humble Bumble!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 345


In this episode, Andrew, Steve, Kevin and Phil discuss indie comics Fell Beasts (, Egos (image), Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever (idw), Bandette (monkeybrain), Umbral (image), Hack/Ash (the Hack/Slash & Army of Darkness crossover from dynamite), MPH (image), Starlight (image), Mind MGMT (dark horse), Anti-Hero (monkeybrain), Outcast (image), and Andrew gets frantic over a Boot to the Head! Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 344


Steve, Andrew, and our Canadian contingent of Kevin & Phil are back to talk more indie comics! Discussed in this episode: Trees #1 (image), Deathmatch #1-12 (boom!), Spaceman (vertigo), True Patriot (true patriot comics), Packs of the Low Country #1(, The Empty Man #1 (boom!), Transformers vs G.I.Joe FCBD (idw), The Wicked + The Devine (image), Conan – Phantoms of the Black Coast (dark horse), and vintage good girl strip collections of Miss Fury (idw), Brenda Starr (hermes press), Milt Caniff’s Male Call (hermes press), and Bill Ward and Gill Fox’s Torchy (quality comics)!

outro: Bob Dylan – Alberta #1

Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 343

Kevin, Andrew, Phil & Steve shoot the indie comics breeze with Richard Sala’s The Graverobber’s Daughter (fatagraphics), Nail Biter (image), Chew/Revival (image), World War Kaiju (01publishing), The Long Beach Expo coloring panel, The Woods (boom!), drifting classroom (viz), The Answer (dark horse), Vampirella 1 (dynamite), Killing Girl (image), Rocketo (image), Sex Criminals (image), Night Breed (boom!), Hellbillies (kingbone press), Conan the Avenger (dark horse), X-O Manowar (valiant)! Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 342


Kevin, Andrew, Phil and Steve are back with more indie comic goodness! Kevin tells us what he missed and what he didn’t at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF 2014), plus the guys discuss Creepy 16 (dark horse), Epic Kill 1-10 (image), 2000A.D. FCBD, Madame Frankenstein (image), The Saviors (image), The Fighting Stranger (HicksVillian/, Starlight 3 (image), Chaos 1 (dynamite), and Southern Bastards (image).

outro: Play It All Night Long (Warren Zevon)