Indie Comic Book Noise 409 – No More Black Hammer and She’s Their Man-Thing

No Black Hammercast but hopefully this will do as the guys have comics and media to cover.

Deathmate Yellow –  by Mike Baron, Bernard Chang, Rodney Ramos and Bob Hall and Mark Moretti and John Dixon, David Michelinie, Bob Layton, Jorge González, Don Perlin, Mike Manley
Cover Artists: Mike Leeke, Art Thibert (Valiant/Image Crossover)

Packs of the Low Country TPB Vol. 1- Don Cardenas and John Dudley (Roar Comics)

Twilight Zone – Maybe 1991 – Harlan Ellison and Neal Adams “Crazy as a Soup Sandwich” (Now Comics)

Adaptions – Deadly Class, Happy


Captain Marvel (Fawcett)

Jinty Vol. 1: The Human Zoo & The Land of No Tears TPB by Pat Mills and Malcolm Shaw with art by Guy Peeters ( Rebellion)

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Deliberate Noise Network 13 Year Anniversary Show

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Host Derek Coward talks about thirteen years of the Deliberate Noise Network.

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 408 – Old Men Stuck in Crosstown Traffic

Guess who’s back? They tackle some comics and some tangents!

Richard Sala – Original Art and Evil Eye issues (Fantagraphics)

Bloodstrike relaunch –  by Michel Fiffe (Image)

Black Hammer and Age of Doom by Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston

Alterna Comics

Kickstarter Rewards:
Hellbillies trade – Massive collection – (King Bone Press) By Jon Westhoff and Bryan Boles
Fox & Hound #1 – (Scattered Comics) – By John Rhodes and Nicole Kane.

Deathmate Red – Cover by Rob Liefeld & Danny Miki. Written by Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson. Art by Rob Liefeld, Jeff Matsuda, Marat Mychaels, Richard Horie, Dan Fraga, Cedric Nocon, Marc Pacella, Anthony Winn, Danny Miki, Jonathan Sibal and Marlo Alquiza. (Valiant/Image crossover)

And so much more!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 407 – Chaos

2018 TCAF!

Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Sucker #1 – (IDW) by Joshua Jabcuga and Tadd Galusha

Norman – (Titan Comics) by Stan Silas

Hellfight #1 Steve Thueson – mini comic –

New Lieutenants of Metal #1 – (Image) by Ulises Farninas and Joe Casey

To know your alive – Dakota McFadzean  – mini comic

Black Hammer (Dark Horse) – Age of Doom and minis Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston

Vampblade second and third seasons – (Action Lab) Jason Martin

TMNT Urban Legends – (IDW) color version of old comic. Gary Carlson, Frank Fosco

Rick & Morty – (Oni Pres)

Descends into Cartoon Noise

Untitled by Dakota McFadzean – mini comic

Steve Ditko passing

Farmhand #1 (Image) by Rob Gilory

Vampirella Roses for the Dead #1 – (Dynamite) Kristina Deak-Linsner and Joseph Michael Linsner

Shadow Roads #1 – (Oni Press) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt

Magical Beatdown Vol. 2 Jenn Woodall

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 406 – One of those long running series of two issues

Catching up to FCBD the guys (who??!) are back to discuss:

Ice Cream Man #3 and #4 (Image) – by Prince, Morazzo, O’Halloran, and Good Old Neon

Margo the Intergalactic Trash Collector #1 and 2 by Jim Whiting

Jeepers Creepers (Dynamite) by Marc Andreyko and Kewber Baal

Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1 and #2 (Action Lab) by Brockton McKinney & Sergio Rios

Teether (Antarctic Press) by David Hutchison

They Live In Me by Jesse Jacobs (Hollow Press)

FCBD – Die Kitty Die – I love you to Death by Dan Parent & Fenando Ruiz (Chapterhouse books)

FCBD – Invasion by Jay Baruchel, Van Jensen, and Leonard Kirk (Chapterhouse Books)

Renalto Jones trades vol 1 & 2 by Kaare Andrews (Image)

FCBD – Bongo Comics Free-For-All (Bongo Comics) Anthology with many creators.

Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston, (Dark Horse Comics)

Action Presidents #1 #2 by Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey (Harper)

Isola by Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl (Image)

Infinity 8 #1 and #2 by Lewis Trondheim, Zep, and Dominique Bertail (Lion Forge)

Vampironica #1 (Archie Comics)

Hellbillies – The Complete Trade Paperback – Kickstarter

Secret Voice – Kickstarter

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 405 – It makes a louder noise than it would ordinarily

Getting in under the wire again during a long weekend, the whole crew is here (or are they??) to tackle:

The Albany Comic Show comic pick up that was a Kickstarter. “Beasts of the Black Hand.” Oversized comic from publisher Ominous Press. Created by Paul Harding, Ron Marz and Matthew Dow-Smith.

Ryan Browne new Kickstarter but it is over now.

Rick Geary – Kickstarter but it is also over now 😉 His career, NBM.

Comics Revolution Show – 2nd Year con. May, 19 and 20 in Ontario, California.

Prologue to Deathmate and Deathmate Red. Valiant and Image. What is the reading order???

Mr. Higgins Comes Home. Warrick Johnson Caldwell. Mignolia – Dark Horse – OGN.

Van Helsing TV show 2nd season and Netflix show End of the Fucking World from Fantagraphics.

Poe Noir #1 Cask & Cat – Second Star publisher by Zajac, Acedo and Sisk.

Dark Arc – Cullen Bun, Juan Doe from Aftershock Publishing.

Sitcomics titles: Z-People, Startup, Super Suckers, and Blue Baron.

Heavy Metal Digital comics – Anthology Stepheno Cardicelli. Chronicle of Dust and Bones.

Carson Demands “oh my god they printed that”

Kick Ass, Hit Girl, Invincible, and Ice Cream Man from Image Comics.

Vampironica – by Greg & Megan Smallwood from Archie Comics.

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 404 – Turnabout is Completely Fair Play

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Con adventures continue as this time Andrew tells Kevin about Wondercon 2018 and much more! Join us!

Twitter: @indiecomicbookn

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 403 – The Friendly Giant

A Toronto Comicon adventure launches our two Hosts (Andrew and Kevin) into a thought provoking hour on life, the universe, and everything. Join us!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 402 – He lets go of his energies on her

It’s two minutes to midnight as just Kevin and Andy try to carry on!

Kickstarter – Ditko & Snyder Just released Mr. A #7. Kickstarter for the Hero – Expires March 30, 2018

Long Beach Comic Book Expo coverage – Don McGregor – Sabre, The Maroon #1 (Owl Eye Comics) by Derek Lipscomb, High Moon Vol 1 by Steve Ellis & David Gallagher

The Family Trade (Image) by Justin Jordan, Nikki Ryan, Morgan Beem, Rachel Deering
Warning vaguely political references 🙂

Abbott #1 (Boom) by Saladin Ahmed, Sami Kivelä and Jason Wordie

Deathmate Prologue (Image – Valiant) 1993
1st story (Valiant)- writer – Bob Layton, pencils – Barry Windsor-Smith, and inks Jim Lee
2nd Story – image side is Bob Layton, Pencils: Rob Liefeld and Inks: Bob Layton with Danny Miki and Dan Panosian

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 401 or who thought it would be this soon for another episode

The guys (all four of them!!!!) enter the post 400 episode era of ICBN covering Sink #4 (ComixTribe), Intertwined #1-6 (Dynamite), Uninhabitable (, Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Rey (IDW), Night Trap #1-3 (Lion Forge), Namwolf #1-4 (Albatross Funnybooks), One-Punch Man Vol.8 (Viz), The Bloody Cardinal (Fantagraphics), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Nemo: Heart of Ice, Roses of Berlin (Top Shelf) and more…enjoy!