Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 373


The ICBN gang share their Halloween indie reads and more, including Doc Frankenstein, Double Take Comics, Grimm Fairy Tales 2015 Halloween Special, Puppetmaster 7, Lovecraft, Sadman, Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror, The Goon – Once Upon A Time, No Mercy, The Map, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Halloween Special, Monstress, and Code Name: Babushka, plus the Image Revolution, Andrew’s Comikaze adventure…and Kevin sells some comics!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 372


Billy Z from the Comic Book Bears Podcast joins us for a fast-paced episode with news of his Kickstarter project for The Crime Fighter Inquiry, plus Cat-Eyed Boy (viz media), Birthright (image), Gears & Bones (guardian night), Masks and Masks 2 (dynamite), Stabbity Bunny (kickstarter), Frontier 7 (youth in decline), I Hate Fairyland (image), TMNT 50 (idw), Wolves of Summer (kickstarter/alterna press), T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents: Best of Wally Wood (idw), and A Piggie’s Tale (bohemian press)….Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 371


Steve’s triumphant return! Plus: BaltimoreComicCon, Long Beach ComicCon, Nerd Block, all-ages licensed properties, Monster Motors, Ragnarok, Heathen, S.F., The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics vol.1 – Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, and way more….really!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 370


Better living through comics….and Indie Comic Book Noise! Kevin gives us his Fan Expo Canada recap, plus the gang brings up 28 Days Later (boom!), Death Trip (tales to suffice), The Rage vol.1: Zombie Generation (titan), Low (image), Hellbillies 4 (king bone press), and more!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 369


Kevin, Andrew & Phil get their indie on with The Shadow Out of Time (self made hero), Dark Corridor (image), The Life After (oni), Safari Honeymoon (koyama), Justice Inc.: The Avenger (dynamite), Copperhead (image), Death Sentence: London (titan), and Book of Death (valiant). The boys are working overtime with Steve still on vacation!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 368


It’s our 40th episode at the helm of Indie Comic Book Noise! Amongst other books and things, Kevin, Phil & Andrew let loose with Fire & Stone –  Aliens/Predator/Promethus (Dark Horse), Mavi (Boudika), Bloodshot: Reborn (Valiant), Archie vs. Sharknado & Archie #1 (Archie),
A Hero’s Death by Ricardo Sanchez & Mark Texiera (Kickstarter Project), The Realm (Arrow), Zayra, and more!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 367


Andrew, Phil & Kevin turn in a mystery episode when Steve’s summer activities mess up his recording schedule. Who knows what books they brought to the table! Enjoy!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 366


More indie comic fun as Steve, Kevin, Andrew & Phil serve up Venture 1 (action lab), Amazing Forest 10 (monkey brain), Pistol Whip Presents: Mephisto & the Empty Box (top shelf/dark horse), Crossed +100 5 (avatar), Age of Reptiles: Egypt 1 (dark horse), Surface Tension (titan), Death Sentence (titan), Abe Sapien (dark horse), One Punch Man: Special Preview (viz), Image Expo: Preview 2, The Disciples (black mask), We Stand On Guard 1 (image), and a few others to boot!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 365


We’re sticking our heads out of the sand to shout out our latest indie reads: Bandette (monkeybrain/dark horse), The End (dan berry), Airboy (image), ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times (dark horse), Evil Dead (space goat), The Killer vol.4 – Unfair Competition (archaia), Long Distance (idw), One Hit Wonder (image)….plus: Phil rattles off all the indie comic related films he can come up with!

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 364


Indie Comics in abundance as Kevin, Andrew, Phil and Steve shout out Graveyard Shift (image), Witchblade 182 (image), The Mantle (image), Sidekick (image), Double + (studygroup), John Carter Warlord of Mars 6 (dynamite), Insufferable (thrillbent/idw), Island of Memory (floating world), Archie Versus Predator 2 (dark horse), Blaze Brothers (blaze), ApocalyptiGirl (dark horse) and more! Enjoy!