Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 400

The normal, unspectacular, non-anniversary, regular sized episode 400! Join us into the year 2018 as Andrew is once again our con man for CALA 2017 (Comic Arts Los Angeles) and we cover Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign (Dark horse), Savage Dragon #225 and up (Image), Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics on AMC, Dread Gods #1 (Ominous Press), Beasts of the Black hand GN (Ominous Press), Detour (Alternatives Press), Vampire Comics, Dirt Creek Runs with Blood #1, Gravediggers Union #1/2 (Image), Magical Girl Apocalypse Vol.1 & 2 (Seven Seas Entertainment), Kill the Minotaur (Image), Love in Hell Vol.1-3 (Seven Seas Entertainment), Sleepless (Image), Unholy Grail #1-6 (Aftershock), Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose (Broadsword Comics), Klaus (Boom! Studios), Hellboy Krampusnach (Dark Horse) Plus much more!!!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 399.1

Just under the wire for a Thanksgiving episode. Have Andrew, Kevin, and Phil lost their minds on their countdown to episode 400? Aka aren’t you a little long for a bonus episode featuring Fan Expo Canada, Lark’s Killer (Devils Due), Elsewhere (Image), Mighty Mouse (Dynamite), Winnebago Graveyard (Image), Suicide Forest (Europe Comics), Devilers (Dynamite), Made Men (Oni), Rick and Morty, Van Helsing, Spy Seal (Image), Skull Kickers (Image), Sixth Gun (Oni Press), Locke & Key (IDW), The Sword (Image), Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (Dynamite), War Mother (Valiant), Power Principle (Ongoing now. Check it out.) Kickstarter:

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 399.2

We’re still counting down as Andrew, Kevin and Phil make noise about Mage, Officer Downe, Clock! (Zoo Arsonist Press/Top Shelf), Unholy Grail 1 (Aftershock Comics), Road Ronin 0, Usagi Yojimbo, 24 Hour Comics, Softball 1 (Keenspot), The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen 1 (Space Goat Publishing), Harbinger Renegade 5 (Valiant), Voracious Vol. 2 (Action Lab), World Reader (Aftershock), Valiant Pre-order editions and much more….enjoy!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 399.3

Still stuck in a time vortex the countdown to episode 400 continues as Kevin regales Andrew and Phil with adventures in selling and TCAF! Then the guys tackle Spenser & Locke (Action Lab), Zomben (Titan Books), Regression (Image), Jughead: The Hunger (Archie), Brigands and the Circle (Action Lab), Copper Head (Image), Vampirella (Dynamite), Treasury Edition Rocketeer, Adventures (IDW). Will Kevin mention everything about TCAF before the episode ends? Tune in and find out!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 399.4

Let Andrew and Phil take you for a ride on the countdown to 400??? from elsewhen where they discuss such books as Night of the Living Dead Graphic Novel. The Sins of the Father Vol 1. and Mandy’s Demon Vol 2, Voracious Vol 1. Diners, Dinosaurs & Dives, Whispers in the Walls, Grimm Fairy Tales: Neverland – Vol 1, C2E2, and much more quick hits…enjoy!

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Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 398

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The guys fire off about the Topps Kirbyverse, Psychic Girl, Fist Fight Funnies, The Tick, a few recent Wally Wood hardcovers, Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary and much more….enjoy! #ICBN398 @indiecomicbookn

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 397

Steve, Phil, Andrew & Kevin sound off about Tales From the Dank Side (golden frog press), Tim Molloy’s It Shines & Shakes & Laughs (milkshadow press), Vampirella 0 (dynamite), Invincible 133 (image), Attack on Titan, Peter’s Muscle, Vampblade, Tomboy 9 (action lab), Punch to Kill (pizza party), Aliens: Defiance (dark horse), Incinerator (secret headquarters), John Carter: The End (dynamite), Anger (killer ‘toons), The Individual Darwin (killer ‘toons), Duck Avenger 1 (idw), The Horsehead Killer, Death Be Damned (boom!), and Dave Stevens’ Complete Sketches & Studies (idw)….Enjoy! #ICBN397 @indiecomicbookn

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 396

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Join Andrew & Kevin for a casual fireside chat where they talk about the Long Beach Comic Expo, God Country (image), The Cratoon Art Museum’s Mike Zeck book, another Ditko Kickstarter, Titan (study group), The Only Living Boy (papercutz), Cereal (koyama), and so much more….enjoy and look for a real episode in a few mere days! #ICBN396

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 395

Andrew, Kevin, Phil & Steve shoot off their mouths regarding Archie and Riverdale, Barrier & Universe (, Curse Words (image), Vampirella 0 (dynamite), The Rift (red 5), Star Bastard (bincat press…find it on!), Chew (image), Galaxy for Hire (devil’s due), Dollface (action lab), Dante (top cow), and Cinderella – Serial Killer Princess (zenoscope…who else!?) as well as opine about the retirement of legendary illustrator Bernie Wrightson. #ICBN395  Twitter: @indiecomicbookn

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 394

We’re Dark Horse Comics heavy this episode as Kevin, Phil, Andrew & Steve make noise about Ether (dark horse), Red Sonja (dynamite), The Hunters of Salamanstra (keenspot), Aliens: Life & Death (dark horse), Aliens vs Predator: Life & Death (dark horse), Cannibal (image), Divinity III (valiant), Dead Inside (dark horse), Ditko’s Shorts (yoe/idw), Donald Quest (idw), Cyberforce Artifacts (top cow), The Phantom Force (image), and …..what happed to comics on Scribd? #ICBN394